OK, who laughs at their kids? Don't they do the funniest, craziest things? We just had to start a blog so we never forget how much these kids make us laugh!!!

Submit YOUR Funny Crazy Kid stories and each month we will pick the funniest craziest story to WIN an MP3 player. These are the stories that don't make the baby book...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WIN an MP3 PLAYER - Seriously!

Submit YOUR Funny Crazy Kid stories and each month we will pick the funniest craziest story to WIN an MP3 player. These are the stories that don't make the baby book...

Looking Forward to Tantrums!

Shouldn't tantrums start at 18 months or 2 years?  Kid #1 hardly had them - tried at 18 months but they didn't work so she stopped.  Kid #2, way different story.

Tantrums began before she could walk & she started walking at 11 months.  Now at 13.5 months she starts doing some fancy footwork like she just made a touchdown or something crazy.  Then she backs into you like she is pushing you away haha & turns around to hit whoever is standing nearby, whether it be the person who made her mad or a pet lucky enough to walk by at that given moment.  If she can't hit someone then she looks around something to mess with and throw.  This search can take her through the entire house, all the while waving her arms frantically and grumbling her complaints.  Once she finds something she gets on the ground, swishes it around, throws it, catapults to the ground, kicks her feet & arms, and cries hysterically.  She actually preps for her tantrums!!  Freaking hilarious!!

Whatever.  Now she gets the timeout corner as the tantrum starts.  I have never seen something so funny and in in a flippin twisted crazy way, I actually looking forward to her tantrums.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This morning while on a conference call...

This morning while on a conference call... after an already crazy, messy, funny start to the morning, I got locked out of my house by the 3 yr old. An of course this is Thursday, the day the gardener comes (so I lock all the windows and doors just in case...well... not really sure why, it seems like a reasonable thing to do, but i digress) the dogs are inside today because our gardener doesn't like them (come to think of it right now I don't really like them, one of them pooped in the house last night), the baby is crying because I've strapped her to the high chair for a long time (afraid to put how long because it's probably too cruel) and the 3 yr old is running around doing laps between the kitchen, living room & play room. Typical morning. This conference call I have to talk on, so I go outside because craziness is happening all around me in the house. Did I mention the 3 yr old goes to school next week and we are looking for daycare for the 1 yr old!!! Anyway as I am talking I hear the door being locked from the inside. Then the pitter patter of feet running away from the door. I couldn't say anything because I was right in the middle of talking about revenue for the west region or something like that. The door was locked and last week I gave my hide-a-key to my cousin who was going to come over and feed the dogs while we were away. I debated which Daddy was going to coerce the 3 yr old to open the door - the "You have 1 second to comply before your life is over as you know it Dad" or the "Gentle Daddy that makes everyone feel good Dad". I bet you can guess which one I used... Ah life with kids, would we have it any other way??

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"There's a Man in my Bedroom Mommy!"

Recently my wife was home with our 3 yr old alone. Our 3 yr old comes out of her room late at night and says "Mommy, I'm scared, there is a little man in my room." My wife, who is not one to sit idle by at these moments, jumped into action. She ran to the front door, opened it in case she needed to run out and scream for help, got the phone ready to call 911, called our dogs from the backyard, and carefully walked up the stairs. Well, after a scary search, nothing, no one was found. My wife asked the 3 yr old, I don't see anyone, can you show me where he was? The 3 yr old pointed and said here was the little man. She had pointed to a coin that we got last year at Disneyland after riding the Haunted House. A picture of Jack from The Night before Halloween is on the coin, which is what scared my 3 yr old. Hahahahahaha

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Believe your 3 year-old when she says she sees a big bug

Ok take a look at this picture. Today my 3 year old said she saw a big bug and we dismissed it as another way to stall her afternoon nap. Well at night when she was brushing her teeth, she said it again. We asked her, "Is it a big spider?" Something we expect to see. She said, "No, it's a big BIG bug." So this is what we saw and caught up in her bathroom.